Buying a car from European auctions has many advantages, here are some of them

Detailed information about the car

The auctions give very detailed information about the car with a description of the notes and photos of the defects. No one is interested in hiding the real condition of the car.

Clean service history

Auctions take cars that have been serviced under service contracts in compliance with all necessary regulations. In addition, you can perform any check on the VIN number.

A favorable price for the purchase of a car

All payments are transparent. We do not inflate the cost, our commission is fixed. Buying at auctions is more profitable than buying from a natural person, who can hide many details about the car.

The CarGet company provides the following services for the purchase and delivery of cars from European auctions.

Turnkey purchase and delivery

We organize the entire process, starting from the purchase of the car at the auction, full legal support of the purchase, transportation, customs clearance, and delivery to the city chosen by the client.

Delivery of the client's car

If you bought a car in Europe and are looking for a company that can deliver it to Ukraine - we are the ones who can do it as quickly as possible from any European country.

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